It's hard to argue with this guy.

What do you think of the rest of his conclusions?


The Raving Norseman said...

In hindsight, it should have been obvious to any astute observer of Iraq. I didn't connect the dots, but I'm not surprised he did.

His other two big predictions, though, lack value because he doesn't provide a time frame. As one of his commenters points out, his prediction that Bush can't recover ignores that he's got more than two years left in his term. The prediction that the administration would claim Zarqawi's death to be a significant victory is obvious (What, were they gonna call it a defeat?), but its failure to be so has yet to be seen. Folks on the ground who are not administration spokesmen seem to think it's a big deal, so I'd give it more time before asking this guy to read your palm.

The Blue Barn said...

People, humans do things, everything they do is about incentive?

david said...

I think that the guy's hindsight is amazingly accurate. Beyond that...phffffft.

The Blue Barn said...

Geeguy are you a Republican?