Business Health Insurance Plan

The Tribune today carried a piece by Bob Anez about Representative Dave Wanzenried's proposal for a tax credit for some small businesses that provide health insurance for their employees. Once again, our "Pulitzer Prize Winning Newspaper" spends an entire article discussing a particular subject, while all the while omitting a critical piece of information.

You would think, wouldn't you, that if you were going to write an article about a particular bill in the legislature, you might want to include the bill number? Here the Tribune discusses Wanzenried's bill, but never gives the reader a reference to look at the bill. (I think it's HB667, but it might also be HB200.)

Of course, maybe Mr. Anez doesn't want the readers to know what bill it is. Maybe if he tells the readers what bill it is, they might go online for themselves and read it. Then they might find out that the bill is about an awful lot more than just tax credits for small businesses that provide health insurance. They might find that the bill is also about the State of Montana forming a whole new bureaucratic entity to provide the health insurance that will be funded with the tax credits.

Oh well, I bet leaving out the part about a whole new government agency, complete with a board of directors and staff, was just an oversight on Mr. Anez's part. I'm sure he wasn't trying to protect our newly elected Democrat Governor from charges that he is starting down the road to "Hillarycare."

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SBB said...

Providing for the health of our State is an important concern. Helping employers accomplish that is a good thing for the State to do. The question is: How can we do this and "keep it business frendly"?