The Glass is Half Empty

Gosh, whines the Tribune, one in five Montanans lacks health insurance.

In other words, four out of every five (that's 80% to you and me) Montanans do have health insurance. Considering that some of the 20% without insurance are in that situation voluntarily, that hardly sounds like the stuff of crisis.

But the left just can't wait for government to control health care. (Of course, if it's an abject failure don't expect the liberals to take any blame.) When's the last time you read an article in the Tribune, or any paper for that matter, that did not approach the issue of health insurance as though it is a god given right?

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SallyT said...

But it is! Five out of five leftists agree health care is a right, so it must be.

BTW, I'm one of those uninsured, and I'd be just fine if the government and HMOs got out of the way. I now pay $150 for a cursory check-up by a doctor who doesn't even know how much his "health-care" costs. This is up from $60 an hour (in Phoenix, mind you) just ten years ago.

Good thing government and HMOs work so hard to keep the cost of health care down....