He Said It...

In the March 29, 2005, Tribune, Teachers' Union leader, Eric Feaver, threatened further legal action against the State of Montana (Read: You and Me) if the Legislature does not provide more money for health insurance for teachers and their spouses. He said "I don't want to go back to court...Maybe the state just wants to spend more money not remedying the situation with legal costs."

Well, I can't speak for "the state," but I can tell you that I sure don't want to spend more money not remedying the situation with legal costs. In fact, I would be willing to vote not to spend more money to not remedy...er...to not vote on legal remedies...um... voting on remedying not costs legal...uh...?

Well, there you have it. My public education just wasn't good enough to let me keep up with Feaver's logic.

The article goes on to outline a proposal to provide for the health insurance subsidies once there's enough money to pay for it. In response, Feaver says "that's a little like kissing your sister or something. Somehow or another, it just doesn't make me perk up."

Please, will someone go perk Eric Feaver up for me so we don't get sued again??!!?? And here I thought the idea was to provide a quality education for our kids.

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