More Power Prices

Ok, help me out. Which is it? Are we supposed to be concerned about power prices, or not?

It seems like the Tribune is concerned about energy costs, except when it isn't. Today they are advocating a bill that would require 15% of the power sold in Montana to come from "eligible renewable resources."

I don't have a problem with wind power. Renewable energy sources are likely the future of energy in the U.S.

I do have a problem with the Tribune's 'analysis.' It seems like the Editorial Board's energy policy is first, slam the legislature that passed deregulation and second, advocate whatever Democrats' current flavor of the week might be.

The Trib points out that there is "growing evidence" that the "projected cost" of wind power will be less than other sources. In other words, some people think it will probably cheaper, ultimately, to use wind power. But no one knows.

Didn't many think power would be cheaper in deregulated markets? I wonder who the Trib will be blaming in 10 years if they turn out to be wrong about wind?

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