No Child Left Behind

Ok, one more thing. One of the great myths about President Bush's No Child Left Behind is that he 'didn't fund it.' That's not logical.

I have confirmed with several educators that the required proficiencies are appropriate. In other words, the 4th grade test actually tests what a 4th grader ought to know.

Well, given that fact, what is unfunded about No Child Left Behind? If there is no funding of our school system to make sure that 4th graders can pass a test on materials that 4th graders should know, what in the hell are we paying for? I thought that was exactly what we were funding.


Anonymous said...

Bush is the most corrupt leader of a first-world nation ever. At least Hitler was upfront about things.

SallyT said...

Ah, the special wisdom of "anonymous" just reminds me how bad our education system has become.

Nothing is "unfunded" about No Child Left Behind; in fact, the right-wing has been beside themselves over how much more is being spent than even during Clinton's reign of corruption.

What educrats find so outrageous is the requirement that the funding be spent as designated, ie. Title IX funds go to Title IX programs. Horrors!

Not to mention the reconciliation of Census figures with funding, ie. if the Census shows only 10% of students are low-income, then schools can't claim 30% of students are low-income to bloat their federal dollars.

What No Child Left Behind has done is restore accountability--and start pulling fedral money from schools who cling to programs that don't work.

Which is why the educrats' undies are in a bunch.