Sign Code, Part 2

At the sign code meeting on March 30, City Government announced it's new plan. Most significant is a new right to grandfather signs.

You see, if you own a sign that does not conform to the new code, you can get a 'grandfather exemption' that will allow you to leave your sign as is for as long as you want to keep it without change. The only catch is that you have to pay a $300.00 fee to do so.

Look, I am opposed to the sign code. But this is leadership? If the City Government truly believes a sign code is necessary, pass one. If the City Government believes, as I do, that there is overwhelming opposition to a sign code, then don't pass one.

But don't set this up as a new tax, because that's all it really is. If I am doing business in a particular fashion, and I want to continue, the City has now decided to tax me $300.00 to do so. I wonder if this 'new idea' has anything to do with the City's need to fund their new sign inspector at an annual cost of $50,000.00.

If a sign code will be good for Great Falls, then the City Commission should pass one. Don't waffle and blow in the breeze. Have you ever heard the phrase "courage of your convictions?" We'll see, won't we?

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Anonymous said...

Wish I had run into this a few months ago, It had me foaming at the mouth too. You have some good points, remember this whole episode when it's time to vote!
Did you like it when two of the Commissioners voted to pass the code because they were afraid of insulting the committee volunteers?