Is it just me, or does anyone else think that the anti-smoking zealots ought to be a little more forthright in their views?

In other words, why don't they just start a movement to ban tobacco in Montana, rather than insisting on infringing on our (formerly) constitutionally protected property rights? Why should the state get to tell me whether my customers can engage in a legal activity on the property I own or rent? The state doesn't have any rights in my property. The last time I checked, the state wasn't paying any of my rent.

I get so tired of these stealth agendas where the do-gooders and busybodies know they can't sell their true ideas to the public, so they chip away at the sides by misrepresenting their true views. ("Oh, we support your freedom to smoke, we just want to protect others from second hand smoke." What a load of bunk.)

It's flat dishonest. And the ironic thing is that those who pull this crap invariably invoke the high moral ground.

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SBB said...

Is it just me or did the slide of individual rights begin with the "Seat Belt" law?