They Just Don't Get It...

Ignoring the fact that the State recently supported and anti-gay marriage initiative by a nearly 2-1 margin, the Dems are now pushing SB199, which would add sexual orientation as a protected class under our human rights statutes. This bill and the Tribune article on the subject raises a number of issues.

Let me preface the discussion by saying that I do not oppose homosexuals. I do oppose the homosexual agenda. I believe that there is something wrong with a group of adults planning ways to indoctrinate my children into certain beliefs about their sexuality. I do not believe that the advocates of the gay agenda truly want us to accept them; I think they want the heterosexual community to celebrate them. I think the way that our popular culture has twisted things around such that the gays are considered the moral and the Christians the immoral is wrong. I believe that the gay movement fosters an unnatural preoccupation with sex, and that it will lead some non-gay youth to experiment with the gay lifestyle.

Now, the bill. First, there is the issue of religious freedom. While I am not a particularly religious fellow, one must acknowledge that there is a fair reading of the Bible that can lead one to believe that homosexuality is proscribed. If we as a society force an individual with strong religious beliefs to hire a homosexual, we are infringing on the employer's religious rights. (Don't bring up abortion; we do not force anyone to get an abortion...yet.)

Second, the arrogance of some of the Democrat legislators is amazing on this issue. Commenting on the shear number of letters he has received opposing the bill, Rep. Paul Clark (D-Trout Creek) characterizes the letters as "pushiness," and calls the citizens who contact him to express their opinions "bullies," whose contacts on this bill "get old." I don't know, I thought it was still our government, and our involvement was a good thing.

Finally, Sen. Bill Wilson (D-Great Falls), whom I like personally, gave us a glimpse into the 'agenda.' Commenting how he opposed a bill granting gays the right to civil unions, he states that "Montana is just not there yet." [Emphasis Added]

Wonder what he knows that we don't?

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