Unfair Law

For those of you that missed it, there's a letter to the editor in today's Tribune about the law that requires drivers to carry mandatory liability insurance. (I can't find where the Tribune puts letters online, so I can't link to it). The author calls this "the most unjust law on the books." He then goes on to whine a bit about how he "would be willing to bet" that most of the people who get caught driving without insurance are working at "minimum wage or slightly above."

Ah, but here's the kicker. His solution? The State of Montana should buy the insurance and put "a policy on the license or you do not get one." Plus, "the fee should be affordable for all Montanans and just included in the license fees. That way you can drive all your vehicles with one driver's license." The "insurance companies and legislative lobbyists" need to get out of the picture so we can put "liability insurance back into the hands of the people."

If 'ignorance is bliss,' this guy must think he's on crack. First of all, insuring yourself is part of the cost of driving. What's next? Should the State buy everyone a car? And what's really "unjust," sir, is that we all have to buy uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance to cover ourselves against the scofflaws.

Next, let me make a suggestion. If you're old enough to drive but can't afford the insurance, you might want to focus on making positive choices in your life as far as your career and education so that maybe you can put yourself in the economic position to afford the costs of the activities in which you wish to engage. I would at least prefer that you try that before you come and tap into my bank account to subsidize your choices. You see, I have uses for that money too.

Finally, you've gotta love his populist appeal to "put the liability insurance back into the hands of the people." But wait. When did "the people" ever supply or control the provision of liability insurance? That's right, they didn't. So how do we put the insurance "back" into their hands? Hmmmm....maybe it's a flashback from the crack.

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SallyT said...

Note: the Trib doesn't carry Letters to the Editor online, though you can submit letters that way. The Trib's online publication is a bit odd like that.

I agree that this guy's "solution" is a kicker. He's another one of those "stage one" thinkers that never met a government solution that he didn't like.

BTW, if the local governments really want folks to carry insurance, they could require those $900+ fines be spent on purchase of insurance, instead of going to support the municipal courts.