Smokers Hot Over Law

Well, what can we expect from the Tribune? In covering the new statewide smoking ban, they are so clearly in love with the idea they simply can't write a balanced piece. They write that second-hand smoke "poses serious risks," especially to bar and restaurant employees. This line is written as fact, not attributed to anyone.

Did you know that there is serious debate out there about the actual risks of second-hand smoke? Did you know that the EPA study upon which the anti-smokers love to rely has been discredited to the point that a Federal Judge refused to apply it in a case? Did you know that the Helena doctor's study suggesting heart attack rates dropped when Helena imposed its ban is junk science? (Go here, and search the page for "Helena") Well, you sure wouldn't know any of it from the Tribune's article, would you?

Look at the other states that have adopted such a statute: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island. Other than Idaho, do any of them sound like Montana?

Now, I don't smoke and I haven't smoked for years. And I don't like smoke in my eyes when I'm eating. There are times when I want a Tracy's cheeseburger bad enough that I endure the smoke. There are times when I choose not to go there because I don't want to smell like smoke. There's a funny little notion we used to respect. It's called F-R-E-E-D-O-M. If I don't want to be around smoke, I stay out of places where it's allowed by the owners of the property. Interesting concept, huh?

As far as the "tavern industry" supporting this ban, I think the industry was sold down the river. Many members of the industry do not support the ban, and they only learned of their "leaders" compromise when they read it in the paper. They don't know why Montana would want to "get ahead of a national trend." (9 states is a national trend?)

See, here's the problem folks. This is no different from the sign code. There are no end to the number of things people want to tell you that you can and cannot do. Do you think all of these "public health advocates" are going to just shut up and go eat their cheeseburgers now? If you do, you're nuts.

We're still allowed to eat nuts, right?

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