Hollywood Bias

Filmmaker Jason Apuzzo comments about what Hollywood has in store for us. Anti-Americanism, it seems, will hit new heights, both on the scale of rhetoric and revenue. He proposes that the more traditional among us raise capital and make our own movies.

I propose that the more traditional among us, who own the stock of the companies that make this sh*t, start insisting that management reflect the values of their shareholders (and make more money too). The left loves to talk about the high compensation and lack of responsibility in corporate governance, but Hollywood is strangely overlooked. (For those of you who haven't noticed, Hollywood's agenda driven pap and reliance on no creativity remakes has resulted in the fourth down summer 'blockbuster' season in a row.)


Anonymous said...

Well, I know which movies I won't be watching.
I think I'll stick with "March of the Penguins" and other family-based movies which seem to do better in the theatres than the R-rated crap that's coming out of Hollywood.

GeeGuy said...

Another good point for the shareholders: The G movies make more money!