Leftist Loons

I wrote a while ago on the Dems 'choices' for '08.' It reminds me of the old saying that when your enemy is destroying himself, shut up and get out of the way.

And now, for today's must read column, Mark Steyn analogizes Cindy Sheehan to the left-wing left of the Democratic Party. I think if I could write like Steyn, people would actually read this 'blog!


Anonymous said...

It seems that many people choose to blame others instead of taking responsibility for their own actions.
If you join the military you are agreeing to fight and possibly die for your country, and I have more respect for the young man than for his mother. And if you join the military you are old enough to make your own decisions, regardless of what your Mother believes.

By the way, just started looking at blogs and I had to go back and read your archives. Hey, are you still waiting to see results from the sign code changes? If anyone out there knows what is going on with the Montana Bar sign, let us know!

Jim Rohrich said...

Good article. I served for 20 years... and it always irritated me to hear someone throw out the bullshit excuse that goes like this... "I don't support what you're doing in X country, but I support you folks in the military." Kiss my ass, I say. Don't want your support and go sell your "cop out" to someone else.