Lewis and Clark, revis...er...visited?

In what could be a nod to citizen complaints about the half million dollars plus lost on Explore! The Big Sky, the Tribune at least gives us a snide comment:

Schweitzer's also taking heat for allowing energy firms to contribute money to his statewide energy conference in October.

It's expected to cost some $60,000 to $70,000 to put on, and no public funds are available.

Well, sure you can ask for contributions — and take the political beating, as Schweitzer's doing — or you can take a page from the Great Falls playbook.

Simply call the conference a "Signature Event" and dip into state reserves.

Problem solved.

Are they waking up?


david said...

Heh...I read that just about an hour ago in the paper, and my very first thought was, "How long until GeeGuy gets this posted?"

dona stebbins said...

Kind of surprising, isn't it? Let's hope the Governor doesn't take this bit of advice - after all, no matter what you call it, reserves or General Fund, the bottom line is that it is taxpayer dollars.