I recently posted a little piece called "Pukes." I suggested that many in the media are becoming pukes. I was angry about a couple of things I had seen in the news that day.

A comment by a fellow named David made me reflect and admit that I painted with a broad brush. As I have considered it further, I recognize that I go after the Tribune pretty hard.

And I certainly don't think everyone at the Tribune is worthy of derision. I think Peter Johnson, JoDee Black, and Butch Larcombe do a good job. I often think Mike Dennison is fair.

In fact, the only ones that I find consistently annoying are the editorial board, the people who select what stories to run, and whoever writes the headlines. How about you all?


Jim Rohrich said...

Agree. Dennison is pretty fair. The editorial board... another story.

Anonymous said...

Well, as it happens, Mike Dennison is departing his post with the Tribune's Capitol Bureau...and word has it that he did so without much notice. He's now employed by the state's Lee Newspapers and, weirdly, he seemingly took a demotion, agreeing to become deputy in Lee's Bureau.

Also: there's been a big shake-up at the Tribune. Effective August 29, nearly all reporters (but not Sports) are being assigned new beats. Peter Johnson, for instance, is being switched from education, where he's done a terrific job, to business.

Complaints are many, and many Trib employees -- ironic that reporters have become sources, eh? -- have said that the changes have been dictated rather than discussed.

Anonymous said...

No surprises there...I think Mike has too much integrity to continue with an organization that is as compromised as Gannett.
So much for a "free press"...I think it is common knowledge that the Tribune can be bought, and not just at the newstand.