Rubes, fools, and hate-mongers.

Not only is the author of this piece arrogant, s/he is apparently not very bright.

After spewing paragraph after paragraph of vile denigration against those who disagree with the progressive agenda, the author states that the left is "pluralism of thought." They are "for contentiousness, discourse, and the heightened understanding of life that grows from having to accommodate opposing viewpoints. "

Accommodate opposing viewpoints? How, by declaring "war" on your fellow citizens who disagree with you about politics?

I told my wife the other day that one thing I've noticed since entering the blogosphere is that many (not all) liberals tend to have visceral hatred of conservatives. A conservative is not simply one who disagrees with you, but is an evil enemy. And this is from whence comes tolerance?

(P.S. Thanks Ronda.)


a-fire-fly said...

I tried to read this, really I did. I boged down after the gun control bit but... Maybe some of us rural folks actually teach our kids how Not to blow their heads off with all the guns we have lying around. I didn't see any accommidation of opposing viewpoints.

The Raving Norseman said...

I got bored after a while, too. Did the author happen to mention how the smarter urbanites plan to produce their food?

GeeGuy said...

"We will, however, continue to support small faggy organic farms, as we are willing to pay more for free-range chicken and beef from non-cannibal cows."

Apparently, they are going to raise an awful lot of "faggy organic" cows.

The Raving Norseman said...

But, presumably, those "faggy" farms will have to be located in the urban archipelago, since the rural areas have been told by the tolerant author to f**k off.

GeeGuy said...

Maybe they'll build the farms on the rooftops of their "small faggy" townhouses and condos?