You know, aside from the taxes paid by casino operators, lets take another look. Local car dealers take our money. Stockbrokers haven't turned their noses up at my filthy lucre yet. I've never been turned down by an insurance agent. Even CasiNo zealot, Ben Forsythe has gladly taken my casino money in his paint store. Oh yeah, Kendra Owen too.

And Mayor Gray? Lawyers in his firm did work for casino owners back when he was practicing. Commissioner Beecher? When he was working, his bank did business with casinos.

Am I pointing this out to hammer people? No. My point is that "casino owners" are a part of our community, a legitimate part. Do you ever go in a bar? Ever have a beer? Go to a tavern function? Are we ogres?

Oh yeah, by the way, ever see a casino ad in the Tribune? Man, those guys are principled, aren't they?

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SallyT said...

I'm not all that thrilled by the abundance of gaming in this town (what do ya expect in such a stagnant economy?), but it's legal & legitimate. If they're serious, those against gaming need to take the fight to the State Legislature, get the law repealed, instead of griping about city zoning & sign codes.

The impression I get is the crusade is focused on NIMBY. They're happy to see casinos pay taxes, just don't want to look at them, & do want to blame them for crime and addiction.

I think it's interesting that Forsythe is convinced that casino patrons were the cause of damage to his business...but it doesn't occur to him to crusade against understaffed police force, or a revolving-door justice system.

It's always easier to hold the law-abiding accountable for the lawless, ain't it?