Tribune -- Plame

The Tribune put this story on its front page (sans the final three paragraphs). So, what's the new news deserving of front page information? Well, if you read it, there's no "there" there. This is clearly just an effort by the Tribune to keep the story on the front burner.

Oh, "Republicans and Democrats alike" have urged Bush to replace Rove, et. al. Oh yeah, what Republicans? The reporter's aunt Sarah?

The story also asks for "an apology for the role of senior administration officials in the unmasking of CIA operative Valerie Plame." Funny, I don't think anyone has been charged with "unmasking" her. Have they? Was she even 'unmasked?'

Then they use this non-story story to talk about Bush's drop in approval ratings. With obvious partisanship in reporting such as this, it is easy to see why Bush's approval ratings are dropping almost as fast as big media's profits.

This is typical liberal tripe. There's nothing new. There was an indictment, and it's pending. But the Tribune wants to keep it in front of everyone's face, so you get manufactured "news" stories like this. Contrast with the "Monica Free Zone" that the Tribune declared during the Clinton Administration.

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dona stebbins said...

Could you call this the "Plame-game?"