This blog has received 6 hits from Great Falls Tribune IP addresses since 8:00 a.m. this morning.

I don't know if it's one person or 6, but Welcome. Please don't be so quiet, though. This blog allows anonymous comments.


dona stebbins said...

Geeguy, I think they believe they would be "legitimizing" the blogging world by participating. We are the "red-headed step-child" and they are content to see it that way.

I believe that blogs, political and otherwise, are the future made present. Concerns, questions and opinions can be freely exchanged, and I believe the Tribune and other newspapers are threatened by our ability to air all sides of an issue.

SallyT said...

Good luck to you, Ms Dona!

david said...

Amen...we don't have the resources of the Trib or other dead-tree media, but we have immediate access and instant "searchability," both of which are sorely lacking from traditional media.