The Christian Conspiracy???

There was a letter to the editor in today's Tribune by a Ms. Patricia Rosenleaf. I am familiar with Ms. Rosenleaf's left-wing rants in the paper, and I am pretty sure she is a teache...er...excuse me, educator in the Great Falls Public Schools.

In her piece, Rosenleaf was ostensibly complaining about a cartoon she found offensive. Ultimately, though, she leapt into her real point: "[T]hat an extremist Christian conspiracy exists, one of whose prime targets is public education." Excuse me?

If, in fact, there is a Christian "conspiracy," it would merely be a response to the goofy, left-wing ideas foisted on our kids by Ms. Rosenleaf and her ilk. It took my 13 year old all of 10 seconds to find an article demonstrating the National Education Association's ties to the gay rights agenda. Or how about their alignment with the radical, left-wing Moveon.Org?

She then demonstrates her own lack of qualification to teach our kids by using a logical non-sequitur. She says: "Excuse me, but who has the agenda: public schools, whose teachers have been charged with educating all children, no matter what background, economic standing, health, religion, race, sexual orientation, or academic preparedness; or this group of people who believe it is their right to impose their beliefs on all Americans at every opportunity?"

Excuse me, but how does the fact that you are involved in the education system preclude your possession of an agenda? It doesn't. That's called a non-sequitur, ma'am. I hope you don't teach logic class. (Again, it took my 13 year old about a minute to spot her logical fallacy.)

Also, I claim an awful lot of Christians as friends, and I imagine most of you do too. Do you know any that "believe it is their right to impose their beliefs on all Americans at every opportunity?" Me either. Don't we have the pot calling the kettle black, here? Isn't Rosenleaf, in fact, advocating her beliefs by writing the letter? I wonder if she advocates for her beliefs in class, too?

She finishes by breathlessly warning that, if the "Christian conspiracy" takes hold, we'll all be "paying to have [our children] practicing someone else's religion rather than learning what he or she needs to know in order to compete in tomorrow's world." Oh, you mean like the Kwaanza song my 2nd-grader sang at school yesterday?


ZenPanda said...

No- she doesn’t teach logic...she teaches English & has for wwaaaayyy to long. (She was my senior English teacher over 20 yrs ago)

So sad.

Big Sky Husker said...

Great piece, Geeguy. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I think she's a certified loony. Sad that she's in charge of impressionable minds...

SallyT said...

Excellent analysis, G. Thanks for the inspiration for my own blog!