More Golf

I really like George Geise's reporting, so I was dismayed this morning when he, like the rest of the Tribune, missed the point on the golf course problem.

When I started reading, it was apparent that he had read the entire consultant's report. I was waiting for him to blast on the lack of even the most basic accounting controls. Instead, his article was a re-cap of previous reports, and actually called for spending more money on a golf director.

Is it that the Tribune people are afraid to criticize the City, are they friends with these guys, or do they just lack such a basic understanding of business that they're afraid to touch the issue? But why so quiet?

I propose we get a bid from Aaron's wife to see what she would charge us to spend a couple days going through the City's records and giving us a report. Not an audit, mind you, but just an informal review of the quality and efficacy of the management of these assets. I will donate the first $50.00 to pay her.


Treasure State Jew said...

Well, fanning the union/anti-union flame does sell papers. However, it really doesn't move us down the road toward solving the problem.

Anonymous had it right when he posted that just hiring a director doesn't solve the problem, either.

It seems to me that the real problems with the golf courses are a lack of business planning and management, from the commission on down. Do our current prices (greens fees) make sense? Do they maximize revenue?

If so, how much revenue can we expect to earn from these courses at current prices? Total expenses should be under that number. In my business, we call this fancy thing a budget.

Oh, and thanks for the plug. I am not blogging to solicit work (but will take any we can earn). If the city hires an accountant for anything, it should be on an open-bid basis.

GeeGuy said...

I don't want the City to hire your wife, I want the blogging community to hire her to keep an eye on the City!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with treasure state jew. Another reason the golf has slowed in GF is because every weekend is filled up with golf tournaments. Therefore the working person can't get on except for the only times left, and guess what -- that's when we are working.... Maybe you should try to support us who pay to support you.