How Long is Interim?

Patty (Gumenberg) Reardon is the interim Director of Parks and Recreation. One cannot glean from her bio just what her education is, but it seems that her expertise is in fairs and such. I also cannot determine just when she took over as acting Director.

I do note, though, that there are apparently no efforts underway to hire a Parks and Recreation Director. Given all of the recent woes about golf, might it not make sense that the City move beyond an interim Director, and begin to find someone with signficant training and experience (and hopefully someone who understands elasticity of demand)?

Isn't it a fair question to ask why our Human Resources people are not attempting to make a permanent hire to this important position? Go ahead and ask them!


Anonymous said...

Another City in Montana is advertising for the same position. That City is requiring a Masters Degree and professional certification in park, recreation and land management.

GeeGuy said...

What city is it?