Mayor Stebbins Holds the Line

Golfers, predictably, opposed the fee increases proposed by "staff" at the recommendation of their consultant. This issue, fortunately, was tabled.

At last night's meeting, the Commission also considered "staff's" request to spend another $5,000.00 of taxpayers' money for more consulting help so they can write a job description for a new golf director position.

"We don't have the expertise we need," said Lawton. "We're not turning over our responsibilities to the National Golf Foundation," [City Manager John] Lawton added. "This will help us avoid a major mistake."

Fortunately, Mayor Stebbins led the vote against paying the consultants another $5,000.00.

Ok, that's step one. No more taxpayer dollars to hire consultants to do the jobs of our paid employees.

Step two? Get rid of city personnel in charge of managing the golf courses. If they cannot accomplish tasks that are clearly a part of their job descriptions without risking a "major mistake," why are they employed in their positions? Why do we have city employees responsible for our golf courses who "don't have the expertise we need?" Should we not hire staff members who "have the expertise we need?"

Step three? Ask who on the city staff has "the expertise we need" to run a power business.

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WolfPack said...

Split vote. Sweet. That's why I voted for Stebbins, to make a debate out of the commission’s decisions.