Peggy Noonan

I won't say I agree with everything she says here, but she makes some good points. I talk with so many conservatives who are disillusioned by the Republican party and its seeming willingness to stray from the basic tenets of conservative ideology. And, as much as I admire some of the things he has done, I think a fair argument can be made that this 'decay' of the base starts at the top, with President Bush.

One might even say that President Clinton did more to unify the GOP than Bush ever will. Is this merely an indication of a party in transition from being out of power to in power (and, perhaps, back out again), or is it a longer term indication that the 'conservatives' we elect are as cynical and self-serving as their opposites across the aisle?


MTPolitics said...

That's been my long-growing frustration with the Republican party.

They're more Democrat-lite than anything.

The Libertarians, I think, are coming along a little bit; they're not as "ideologically pure" as they used to be. In fact, I think some of the people who are self-identifying as libertarians are actually small-government conservatives. But, they don't have the machinery that the two established parties have.

5 said...

Lbertarians are nothing more than Republicans distancing themselves from the filth of B*shco.

touchstone said...

Greetings all...liberal Missoula blogger here. (Hide your women and children!)

First, I respect people who have political principles and live by them. I understand why someone would want to be fiscally conservative (hey, who wants to pay more taxes?). But what I don't understand is how conservatives continue to support the Bush administration and the Delay Republicans.

Big government? Check. Government intrusion into our daily lives? Check. Fiscal irresponsibility? Check. Disgracing the flag with brutish, thuggish behavior? Check and check. Not supporting the troop? Double-triple check.

Question for Republicans: Are you going to vote for Conrad Burns in the upcoming election? If so, why?