You really have to laugh.

The Tribune ran a piece today about childhood obesity. (Reprinted here.) Apparently kids are getting fat, and not just in the U.S. either. (Sidenote: They could have easily saved all the money they spent on their "study" by simply sending one researcher to Disneyworld.)

Wait a minute. I thought we were supposed to be worried about the teeming masses of starving children? You mean now we're over-feeding kids?

But the part that makes me laugh, and to question the motives of the study's authors, is the conclusion drawn. Guess whose fault it is? Yup, those evil Western capitalists. The "Western world's food industries...have precipitated an epidemic." So, let me get this straight. If kids are starving, it's the fault of capitalism because we're a bunch of greedy hogs consuming all of the resources of the world? If kids are getting fat, it's our fault because our food production and marketing system is too efficient, transmitting far too many calories around the world?

And let me guess, if and when it's just right, we'll be able to thank Karl Marx.


Gman said...

Capitalism is a scapegoat for every societal problem "identified" by liberals...

The Raving Norseman said...

Blaming McDonalds for fat kids is kind of like the whole cultural imperialism argument: it completely ignores the fact that someone on the other side of the equation has to want what's being offered in order for any repeat action to occur.

marvin said...

Liberals invented capitalism. The concept of "full pay for a full day's work" goes hand-in-hand with "all men are created equal."

Liberals are alright. Although, some are like Conservatives when they paint an entire group of free-thinking people with a broad brush.

And, McDonald's has done well in the capitalist system. Good product, good marketing, good profits.

But, we do have fat kids. Obesity is a problem that can only grow (pun intended) over time. I think, though, that the same corporate smarts that made Mcdonald's and other USA businesses prosperous will find ways to attack in the obesity battle and prove the critics wrong.

Thank god, there are Liberals out there complaining. Corporate America wants their dollars and will find a way to get those $$.

5 said...
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Anonymous said...

5 said:

Gosh Darn Liberals.