Maybe we...

...don't have it so bad.


Walter Greenspan said...

If you want to monitor the wholesale price of gasoline as traded on the NYMEX, then click Wholesale Gasoline Prices:

The normal retail-wholesale price spread is 75c to $1.50/gallon,depending on location (less in Montana, more elsewhere).

Anonymous said...

Remember that price has no state or federal taxes, superfund fees, freight or fuel delivery surcharges. Currently in Montana the above mentioned fees are broke out as follows per gallon:

Montana State Fuel Tax: .27
Federal Fuel Tax: .184
Montana Petro Fee: .0075
Freight (within G.F.): .01136
Fuel Delivery Surcharge:.002
Total: .47486

Current 5/1/06 wholesale regular nolead gas cost in Great Falls is 2.157 per gallon. This figure is added to the above fees for a delivered price to the retailer of 2.632 per gallon. Current retail gas price in Great Falls: 2.599.

Yeah the retailer is really making a killing.