John Morrison

This guy has a great point about the John Morrison 'scandal':

Right after you write or call the Morrison people, you might want to call your local newspaper and ask them why they’re not continuing to look into this story. At the point when one major candidate for the Democratic nomination has levelled a serious set of ethical charges against a candidate who has prepared an 8 page rebuttal to the claim, don’t the Lee papers have to look more deeply into this story? I just don’t understand their refusal to do more reporting than telling about the ads run by the Tester and Morrison campaigns. Is the refusal pride over being scooped by the Independent? Perhaps someone more knowlegeable can tell me.
Same for the Tribune.


Anonymous said...

There is a vast left wing hollywood jewish conspiracy to opress any bad publicity about John Morrison.

Anonymous said...

How can a "vast left wing hollywood jewish conspiracy" do anything to the Tribune, let alone "opress" the bad publicity.