Another one.

Well, there was yet another casino robbery today.

And, in response to my earlier post on the same subject, our friend David said:

I'm stunned (or shocked? surprised? appalled?) that the private businesses aren't doing something to address this issue...or perhaps they are, but covertly.

David, with all due respect, given the rash of these crimes, I am a little bit surprised that you would suggest that it is up to the victim to prevent the crimes, rather than law enforcement to arrest the perpetrators.

But, since you brought it up, I checked into the safety measures employed by one of the casinos recently robbed. First, they have a high end security camera system. The attendants carry with them wireless alarms in their aprons that will, when pressed, immediately dial law enforcement. There are drop safes ensuring that only a minimal amount of cash is available (and therefore, less tempting). They have an employee that regularly 'drops in' on the on shift employees.

What else should they do? Hire armed guards?

Conversely, in interviews with the owners I learned that, despite the fact that a perpetrator was indicated not to have been wearing gloves, the police failed or refused to dust for fingerprints. When notified of suspicious circumstances that led the owner to suspect that it could have been an inside job, the police agreed, yet did not interview the attendant. The owners have left several messages for the detectives, but the calls have not been returned. In fact, there hasn't been a single follow up contact by GFPD since the night of the robbery.

Who could do more?

I'll say it again: someone is going to get hurt pretty soon. And they definitely should not blame it on the victims.


david said...

I understand what you're saying, GeeGuy. My point is that if my particular industry was being targeted so "successfully" by criminals, I wouldn't wait any longer for the police to take action -- I'd do something myself to ensure the safety of my employees and assets. Hiring an armed guard? Quite possible. Beyond that, I don't know.

ZenPanda said...

GF finest need to be kicked into gear. Lack of action makes the casinos look like a MORE tempting target.

Anonymous said...

Armed guards? $20.00/hour (wage/tax/insurance/benefits) for 18 hours a day for 360 days a year is roughly $129,000.00 per year. Most of these places don't make much more than that, if they even make that much.

How many casinos are in GF? 40? $5.1 million per year? And they still have to pay city taxes?