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On golf fees
In reply to the snide remarks made recently in the Tribune by Ms. Jovick-Kuntz, I offer the following: 1. I belong to a very exclusive country club called the United States of America, which entitles me not to take any guff from some petty elected politician.

2. How did she come up with the $14 extra for tournaments? Was any thought put into it? Were any calculations made to determine the revenue that would be generated by the increase, or was the number just pulled out of the air? I would bet on the air.

3. She states the golf courses need to make more money, but she doesn’t say how to do it, even though she has an out-ofstate report that is supposed to tell her how to do it. Twenty thousand dollars wasted.

4. She bristles when people refer to season passes as “memberships.” This is not original thinking on her part. When the report came out, I got a copy and read it, which I doubt Jovick-Kuntz can say.

In it the author emphatically stated not to let people who purchase yearly memberships refer to themselves as members because they then think they are owners. What has this got to do with raising revenue?

Twenty thousand dollars wasted.

It is unbelievable what was recommended in that report too, but it is only taxpayer money, and there is a lot more where that came from for Ms. Jovick-Kuntz to squander as she sees fit.

John J. Gergurich, Great Falls

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Anonymous said...

After renovation R.O. Speck Golf Course was re-named Eagle Falls Golf Club. In order to have a club would you not need some members? Just wondering.