Does this sound familiar? It should. It is strangely reminiscent of our golf course fiasco.

Are these problems entirely the fault of city management? Of course not. But perhaps our highly recruited, top-notch Parks and Recreation Director ought to lay out his or her comprehensive plan and budget for maintaining and improving our city's assets complete with financial projections and timelines.

Oh wait, we don't have a highly recruited Parks and Recreation Director. We still have an interim director. Which, I guess, brings up the question of why we don't have a highly recruited, top-notch Director? You would think, though, that we might want to start by seeking one.

Maybe there is a comprehensive plan in place. But if there is, it is not being well sold to the public. It sure seems like management by brush fire to this idiot.

(By the way, where's our local media watchdog on all this?)

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