A common complaint about government officials is that they forget that they work for us, and not vice versa. Another complaint is that they spend our money like their own, with little thought of how hard it is for the rest of us to earn the tax dollars that support them.

First, a local Judge, Sam Harris, apparently doesn't know the law, and costs the County $11,000.00.

Now, our embattled Sheriff Castle, who has plenty of problems these days, gets caught conducting a purge of his political enemies. Another $50,000.00 out of our pockets due to the conduct of the people we pay to perform services for us. The Detention Center and the Sheriff's Department (and the Justice Court, for that matter) belong to us, not to their temporary inhabitants.

I wish those inhabitants would remember that before saddling us with expensive lawsuits prompted by petty dictatorships. As Attorney Best put it, "pay up and stop the bleeding."

And remember: YOU WORK FOR US.


Anonymous said...

The voters have spoken. Now they will pay dearly.

WolfPack said...

Unless you know the facts first hand I think it's unfair to criticize anybody for something that comes out of a state human rights department hearing. I think the bar for accusing a Democrat of infringing on the political rights of another Democrat should be set high. If you are dumb enough to openly declare your potential future boss incompetent then you probably don’t deserve the promotion you were trying for. When you work inside the sheriffs department your political views on how the sheriff’s department should be run have everything to do with your job, especially when it comes to getting promotions. The government employee who is wasting our money is Terry Spear.

GeeGuy said...

I frankly don't care if Spear is right or wrong. All I know is that we're going to get hit with 50k.