HTC, '06

No posts this weekend...I'm off to Hood to Coast!

Wish us luck! Go Johnny Cash Runners!


a-fire-fly said...

So any noteworthy pranks this year?

GeeGuy said...

Not really, too sore and tired.

At one point, the Van1 boys put a shoe covered in dog sh*t under our passenger seat, but those damn vans get to stinking so bad anyway it didn't really bother us!

marvin said...

Where did you find your relay team? All Montana, out-ot-state? Friends, relatives?

I've thought about it for years?

GeeGuy said...

It's basically a Montana team, but we have a guy from Mass, one from Idaho, and one from Washington.

A local fellow arranges it; it's by invitation.

a-fire-fly said...

Hey, last weekend is over!

GeeGuy said...

22 miles this a.m. 3:00:19. I'm trashed.