Running total of Editorial Cartoons

Updated as of 7/31/06

Neutral Cartoons: 12 cartoons

July 6, 9 (2), 10, 12, 16, 18, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30.

These include 3 cartoons that could be construed as denigrating the Bush Administration, but were close enough that I counted them as neutral. One showed Bush about to blow out three 'candles' (dynamite sticks) on his birthday cake, One showed him congratulating the new Mexican president on a 1% victory as a "landslide," and one showed the country overrun with trains carrying nuclear wast.)

Overtly Anti Bush-Administration Cartoons: 18 cartoons

These include two particularly tasteless jabs, one where Bush declares himself the new king run on Independence Day (Classy! Ridicule the President about national security efforts on July 4th.) The second is a cartoon comparing President Bush to President Ahmadinejad of Iran, who is clearly the closest thing to Hitler in the last few years.

There was also a nice one on July 17 accepting the allegations of slaughter at Haditha, Iraq, as true (even though as yet unproven). This cartoon showed two American servicemen with smoking guns looking at a pile of dead Iraqis. This is really top notch, left wing smear. The artist manages to smear President Bush with the alleged actions of a few people, and then paint the entire U.S. military with the supposed crime. Someone tell me how this relates to the moral sensibilities of the average citizen of Cascade County.

Anti Conservative Cartoons: 4 cartoons

These include two ridiculing Ann Coulter; a little publishing envy, perhaps?

Anti Liberal Cartoons: 2 cartoons

This includes one 'gimmee,' a cartoon depicting Sen. Joseph Lieberman as Benedict Arnold. I really doubt it was intended as anti-liberal, but I figured the one other anti-liberal cartoon was getting lonely.


XB234C said...

Shocked. Horrified.

Rocky Smith said...

I don't recall the last left bashing cartoon I've seen in the Billings Gas. It appears from their selection of LTE they run that they don't expect any conservative readers anyway.