GUEST OPINION, by Free Thought

The GeeGuy was kind enough to extend to me guest privileges. When he did so, he suggested that I had the need to be heard. Maybe because he is tired of me sending him lengthy e-mails about his blogs all the time instead of just putting my thoughts out into cyber space. I doubt he knew that I had already started testing the water with my own blog. The downside of accepting his offer is that now, when I try pressing his buttons with comments about his blog, he will know it is me, taking some of the fun out of it.

Knowing that I have my own pulpit, he may pull the plug on my privileges, making me think I better try to get some of his audience while I can. On the other hand, I read the Tribune, and have discovered that there is a sneaky guy out there who sets internet traps.

I am now worried that in a public forum, of all places, someone besides my closest, most understanding and trustworthy friends may actually read what I write. At this very moment, someone may secretly be setting me up by reading these words, planning someday to share them with the world before I can erase them. After all, what security do I have when I am forced to disclose my real name, real job, real hometown real . . . Oh, right. Never mind. But still, somebody might find out who I am anyway. How can I ever possibly live my life with the pressure of never being able to let off some steam by saying what I feel? I mean, if all I have left is talking in person, by phone, or e-mail to my spouse, or friends, or family or co-workers, or . . . Ok, so maybe that isn't the trap either. But I'm sure that there is a trap here somewhere.

So, until I figure it out, please, if you are now, or have ever been, in any way against me, what I have said, or may say in the future, stop reading, forget what you read, and do not print or save any part of this post. If you are unsure, it is best not to proceed. I can't take any chances. Just to be safe, maybe you could all just post a loyalty oath and non-disclosure-for-anything-bad agreement before reading any more posts. Thank you.

Free Thought

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