More Reaction

There were more letters to the editor in the Tribune today. Mike Smartt's widow wrote:

Back Fagenstrom

I would like to turn your atten­tion to the election for Justice of the Peace. The past 35 months have given me much time to reflect upon the anguish my hus­band suffered at the hands of Samuel L. Harris.

I have always told my children, “’Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord.’ We shall remain innocent, for Sam will bury himself. What goes around comes around.”

The time of reckoning has come. Little did any of us know that when Sam Harris was point­ing his finger at my husband, he was committing even more terri­ble atrocities on the Internet?

“Sheep wife”? Vulgarities that I rather not reiterate here. You have all read the paper, or at least I hope you have. So, your life was ruined for “two years,” eh Sam? I’m so very sorry. Did you think about any of the other lives you were altering forever?

There are few people in this wonderful world of ours who I dislike.

Please stand with me, people of Cascade County, to wipe out now and forever the “little Hitler” attitude that permeates the Jus­tice Court. Stand with me to elect Steve Fagenstrom as our new Justice of the Peace.

The Justice Court is the peo­ple’s court. We need someone who is fair and compassionate. If you have even a small amount of money to spare, please send Steve a contribution.

It’s time to stand together and stamp out hatred and evil. Please vote. Your opinion means more than you’ll ever know.
— Sheila Boetcher Smartt, Great Falls


Wulfgar said...

Geeguy, two things:

1) Anyone who stupidly babbles to me about how "blogs won't affect elections" is now going to be directed right here.

2) *IF* (and right now it's a big if) I do the Montana weblog awards this year, I will make certain to posit an award highlighting the amazing work that GF Firefly and yourself have done with this series. You've already earned the admiration of most of us online in Montana.

Worried said...

Perhaps the greatest acomplishment of this series is that it has engendered and focused public attention on a race that otherwise would have had little or no attention. This is important because the JP has the ability to effect the lives of so many people in an immediate and long lasting way.

The Raving Norseman said...

There's a first time for everything, and today I agree with wulfgar.

Wulfgar said...

Uhh, Mr. Norseman, I seem to remember that you've agreed with me at least once before. At least once ...