Sign Code

Well, we're over a year post adoption of the Sign Code. As our friend, Firefly, recently pointed out, we seem to have gotten..well...exactly nowhere on the sign issue. She also suggests in her comments that the sign code enforcer has already left his position.

You will recall that our City Commission passed the sign code over significant objection from the community (including my own). Commissioner Jovick-Kuntz went so far as to suggest that the code be adopted because, at the time, the city had already hired an enforcement officer.

Now, apparently, the city has moved on to different issues, like selling our golf courses and building power plants. And the code is, apparently, unenforced. While that is generally a good thing since I thought it was stupid to begin with, it certainly informs one about the quality of our leadership and management, doesn't it? We're a little over a year post adoption of a contentious new code and, apparently, our 'management' has just lost interest in the issue. (I guess this is good news for those who opposed the new zoning code!)

So, what happens after we build a 2 BILLION dollar power plant and 'management' loses interest? Get out your checkbooks.


a-fire-fly said...

I did not suggest, I stated a fact, thank you. He left in July I believe. Right about the time the Grandfathering issue took effect.
The city enforces permits on new signs, but I will challenge anyone to name one abandoned sign that has been removed. And don't get me started on the temporary signs, and signs of professional quality issues!
I saw the city got one proposal for running the golf courses.

GeeGuy said...

So, what you're saying is that the city will make sure new signs comply (assuming a permit is sought) but that existing signs basically will exist as they always have?

But won't that take forever?

a-fire-fly said...

Existing signs will exist until there is a copy change on them. Then they must comply.

Take forever for what? Is there a goal here?