I Think I'm Being Baited

So I am sitting at work, minding my own business. GeeGuy sends me an e-mail full of feigned indignation about one of my comments on ECW. A half dozen back and forth barbs later, and a nice juvenile discussion of no import whatsoever turns into a discussion about serious matters of Islam and Anti-Americanism. When I suggested that he take up these topics on ECW to share his ideas, I got the "aw-shucks, that isn't my bag routine."

He was kind enough to make the suggestion that I go ahead and write on MFO about these matters. Without going into detail, I am pretty sure he wants me to be the one who risks offending crazy people. The kind who shoot or bomb other people whom they don't like. That would be a pretty dumb thing for me to do. But, I may take a stab at it next week. Unless they have invented e-bombs. Or suicide bloggers.


GeeGuy said...

Another shameless plug, I see.

a-fire-fly said...

Ha ha ha.
Nice juvenile discussion? Not GeeGuy!!