It's hard to put it better than Bush

It was a thumpin'

Gosh, W, ya think?

While I am a right wing extremist, I am not as partisan as some. Hell, I even voted for some Democrats yesterday.

But in watching the returns, the inevitable our team/their team mentality takes hold. And I feel sort of like I did a few years ago when the Bobcats finally broke the streak.

The question now is: what now? I don't mean to echo GOP talking points, but over the last month I heard alot about what the Democrats weren't, but not what they are. I know Tester is for lower taxes for "small businesses" and I think that's me but I'm not sure.

My prediction is that we'll hear some crowing for a while, and then things will stay pretty much the same. It's hard to write what I really think without it sounding like sour grapes so, for now, I think I'll take a nap...


a-fire-fly said...

Aww, I was gonna pick on you, but now I just feel sorry for you.

The Raving Norseman said...

I'm with you, GeeGuy. I'm irritated rather than bitter, but anything I say right now will make me look more upset than I am.

But... wasn't the Bobcats finally breaking the streak a good thing? I guess it just depends on where you went to school. ;)

marvin said...

Democracy -- people run the show with their votes. Voters watched and waited over the past six years and yesterday made some comments about how they felt.

It's pretty obvious that lots of Americans are unhappy with what has happened. Lots of changes yesterday and a new Dow Jones High today.

Who's knows what Jon Tester can get done. We'll find that out just as we watched Senator Conrad Burns go to DC to represent Montana.

We'll be fine. So will America and Montana.