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Ex-Senator, and ex-vice presidential candidate, John Edwards is a harsh critic of Wal-Mart. In a recent conference call, Edwards "repeated a story about his son Jack disapproving of a classmate buying sneakers at Wal-Mart. 'If a 6-year-old can figure it out, America can definitely figure this out,' Edwards said."

Yet, one of his aides apparently contacted the store in an effort to locate a new Playstation3 for one of Edwards' kids.

A few points. First, I will flat guarantee you that Edwards' son, Jack, would not refuse a Playstation3 regardless of whether it came from Wal-Mart.

Second, isn't it just like a rich, elitist liberal to look down his snoot at another kid over where he got his shoes? Maybe the classmate couldn't afford to shop anywhere else? (They sure grow their elitists young in North Carolina.)

And finally, why did the aide call Wal-Mart? Because it has demonstrated itself to be one of the most, if not the most, efficient participants in our economic system. If you need a general piece of something or other, tell me it's not the first place you check. Good selection, low prices.

And that's a bad thing?


Anonymous said...

While I agree that WalMart has the best prices, one should take a look at why.

First off, how many of WalMart's employees are eligible for Medicaid and/or food stamps? A fair number of them. I do not think I should have to subsidize WalMart's failure to provide a living wage and/or health insurance to their employees.

Second, how many of the items sold by WalMart are made outside of the US, and at what cost to WalMart versus what is charged to consumers?

I am just not convinced that WalMart is the boon you think it is. Where is Western Drug, Osco, Buttreys, Safeway, County Market, and all the other local businesses that WalMart edged out of the market because they can buy on a global scale?

Unfortunately, I must shop at WalMart because I can't afford to pay 3.50 for a gallon of milk at Albertsons when I can get it at WalMart for 3.00 a gallon. And so it goes for most items.

But at what cost to local business and our local economy? WalMart is a the bully on the block.

marvin said...

Edwards is far from an "elitist." He's a good trial lawyer and he reminds me of several good people in Great Falls who are also pretty good attorneys, yourself among them. He works hard, takes stands and defends them.

This WalMart incident involves good people. Edwards may not like to shop at WM. His supporters may enjoy such shopping. One of them goofed in asking for a favor for the Senator/Presidential Candidate. Good people (the volunteer) trying to help other good people (the candidate) is something we should appreciate. And if some wires get crossed, we should show some understanding and compassion.

As for WalMart, there will be plenty of healthy debate to come as to its place in the economic history of the world. And, that debate is good for all of us.

GeeGuy said...

Marvin, first of all, I think Edwards is an elitist. I think that of anyone who is willing to advocate ideas that apply to others and not themselves. Most members of Congress, both parties, fit that bill.

And Anonymous, you're saying that you can't afford to shop at the other grocery stores. Well, ok, if Wal-Mart weren't here, do you have some reason to believe that would cause Albertson's to lower their prices so you could afford it?

Also, I agree with you that we should not have to provide a living wage or health insurance to Wal-Mart's employees. I don't think we should have to do that for any company's employees. Or anyone else, for that matter. What's that got to do with Wal-Mart?

WolfPack said...

Funny responses. Anonymous and Edwards tell us not to patronize WalMart but they both do when it suits their needs. Anonymous says he/she shouldn't have to subsidize Walmart's failure to provide a living wage and/or health insurance. Anonymous also says he can't afford $3.50/gal for milk so he buys it at Walmart for $3.00/gal. That 50 cents saved is made possible by the low wages that Anon complains about. So in reality the low wage WalMart employees are subsidizing Anonymous. If Anonymous was a stand up, walk the talk type guy he would run to the nearest Walmart and return the money to the employees that he and WalMart have been cheating them out of.

Hardass said...

wow--since the sam thing, i cannot believe how inane this site has become---with the exception of the Auschwitz piece, which i agree bears some discussion---great reading (with the elimination of the verbal volleyball going on amongst the "professional bloviators"--NOW.........That being said..Wal-Mart does not deserve the time it takes to form an opinion.It is a retail store and nothing more--By the way, Does anyone know the names of our soldiers killed in "The line of duty" today?---BUT we now all know who sells milk for a lower price
if GF--Lovely

GeeGuy said...

Oh, come on, Hardass. This site was inane long before the "Sam thing" too!

a-fire-fly said...

Sorry Gee, not the first place I check.
But, despite my dislike of the place, free enterprise is a right for everyone, and I truly believe much of the "employees are eligible for Medicaid and/or food stamps" is bull. How many other workers, in other businesses are eligible? How many people live without health care? It is not something that should be expected from an employer, especially at lower level jobs with high turnover.

david said...

hardass, what exactly are you implying when you attempt to bring the Iraq war into this discussion? That anyone who can't name each soldier that was killed is some sort of ignorant putz who is concerned only with "trivial" things?

Get a grip, hardass.