We're cowboys, I guess.

I thought this was an interesting observation:

Here's the deal with Saddam. It holds for the Iranians, too. It's a gun-toting American Wild West cowboy thing. You know how us Americans are. We're crazy like that. When someone who is irrational, with a bad history, in a position to cause trouble, starts putting out that he is arming up and intends to destroy you or make you kneel down before him, you can start making assumptions. You can also start acting on them.
Could it be that we actually learned something from Hitler in WWII? In other words, when crazy people start arming themselves and threatening to attack others, they're often telling the truth. How far do we let them go this time before we (meaning the world, collectively) do something?

Note to China, Russia: You're not Islamic countries either. You might not be a target yet, but you will be.


Realist said...

Oh I almost fell out of my chair laughing. China? Russia? Get real!! America doesn't even have enough troops to be able to have a ghost of a chance of containing a bunch of rag-tag rebels in Iraq who are armed with rifles and homemade bombs!! Kissenger even said today that a military victory in Iraq is not possible. Can't even control the road from the airport to the Green Zone!! Pretty humbling huh? No, Iran, North Korea, China and Russia have NOTHING to fear from the American paper tiger. Saber-rattling and bluster don't make up for a military that can't fight. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

tmm said...

Well, I can find one thing I can agree with the realist about: we don't have enough troops to face the challenges of which you speak. But that may really not matter. I am deeply concerned about the lackadaisical attitude many in our great nation have toward all of the threats that are out there, or that may be coming some years on. I am optimistic that we can face those challenges, but only if our population understands the serious nature of what we face. Sadly, I think more harm will come to our nation before we reach that enlightenment.

GeeGuy said...

Uh, realist? You might want to go back and re-read it. My point is that China and Russia seem to think they are immune from the threats of Islamic extremists such as Iran. They're not.

I don't know how you could read that last statement as my suggesting that we will attack China or Russia.

And a military that can't fight? Do tell.

free thought said...

Realist seems to mistake the ability to fight a war with the ability to be overly gracious victors.

The U.S. has shown itself capable in every military strike made in the last 20 years or so. We can kill the enemy, disable weapons, and destroy the infrastructure that creates more military hardware. If we had an "us vs them" war with any nation, we would be able to defeat any nation on earth.

Our problem is that we cannot take on the role of conqueror. We will not round up and kill or at least control the population. We will not assert dominion and assimilate the defeated into our nation.

Instead, we try to be liberators. But, we are liberating people who do not have the means or the will to take care of themselves. It is not like freeing France from German invaders and letting the exiled and resistance leaders take over.