Griz Football

I know this isn't a 'sports blog,' but I am a big fan of Grizzly Football. The former "Voice of the Grizzlies," Bill Schwanke, wrote a piece that echoes what I have been hearing among my fellow Griz fans for a couple years now.

If the offense is so complicated that it makes it difficult for players to produce consistently, regardless of the defenses being thrown up against it, maybe it’s time to look at something less complicated. Something that uses all possible weapons in the passing game including the running backs and tight ends.

If tight ends are only in the game to block, why not just recruit two or three more guys who are 290 pounds or more and put receiver numbers on them. You could still throw to them occasionally, although it might limit them from going downfield where the Griz passing game seemed addicted to going so much of the time.

* * *

I don’t know if a change at offensive coordinator by itself would solve the problem.

I do know the Grizzly offense needs serious re-evaluation before spring ball begins. The offensive players need and deserve it.

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