Electric City Power: The Corporation

At p. 42 of City Manager Lawton's report, he comments that, by gum, the Electric City Power annual report was submitted to the Secretary of State on December 15, 2006. My guess this is a reference to my post showing that the corporation had been involuntarily dissolved.

Well, according to the Secretary of State, it has not been reinstated yet. And, even if the annual report was submitted on December 15, 2006, it looks like it was due by December 4.

These people want to run a $500,000,000.00 utility.

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Anonymous said...

As of this date 1/17/07 they are still dissolved. Incopetance or a gross mistake???? Check it out yourselves: https://app.mt.gov/cgi-bin/bes/besCertificate.cgi?action=detail&bessearch=D150747&trans_id=miia063441656540f6201