FYI 2d

While I was hanging out watching my kid's basketball games today, Firefly was, as usual, working.

She has done an incredibly good job of chasing down the background of the various Electric City Power agreements and, as she so cogently notes, we should be expecting to receive fully-executed copies in the near future. We'll see.

She also nails down another issue that I have been whining about quite a bit. Our City staff has been awful coy about the issue of substituting Electric City Power in place of Northwestern Energy as our default supplier. I don't know how one can read the documents that Firefly has tracked down and still wonder what the City intends in this regard. They intend to make every household in Great Falls purchase their power from ECP and, most importantly, only from ECP. Given that fact, how can a public employee state in the newspaper that the decision hasn't been made yet?

Finally, she mentions a discussion with the Great Falls Tribune concerning the public documents. I, too, discussed this matter with a representative of the Tribune.

If any of you are operating under the illusion that the City of Great Falls took boxes and boxes of documents to the Tribune for their series on the coal plant, let me assure you it's just that: an illusion. The Tribune has received nothing yet.

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free thought said...

You might be wasting your time anyway. With the Gov being against the coal plant, it probably cannot get breaks, and probably will not happen. Unless, of course, the City foots more of the bill.