Mayor Stebbins

Just yesterday I asked a friend of mine what had happened to our Mayor. You will recall that, during and after her campaign for mayor, she was a frequent visitor to the various 'blogs. After some pointed inquiries about the City's involvement in Electric City Power and other issues on the local 'blogs, it seems like she doesn't come around as much any more.

Further, when an issue came up over at Greater Falls, I thought she ignored my inquiries altogether. I have tried and tried to inquire about the information supporting this whole power issue and, at least at some point, Mayor Stebbins seemed to agree with me. (See the first comment.) Now, though, I'm not so sure.

Well, I am not alone. There is a good piece up at Firefly's place today. Very respectful, and very direct. (By the way, Firefly is not the friend I asked.) She points out that various members of the community have been asking questions, and are not obtaining information.

I have to agree. I cannot believe that the Mayor Stebbins I met and supported in the race would stand by in the face of unmet requests for information. I cannot help but wonder what Mayor Stebbins would have thought about limiting public comment at Commission meetings if it had been her predecessor who thought of it.

With all due respect: Where is the skepticism? Where is the inquiry? Please ask the hard questions.


Dona Stebbins said...

Sorry I have been among the missing in the blogosphere - I have been remiss. I just spoke with Cheryl Patton regarding your quest for information on ECP and the financing for Highwood Generating Station. Although Colleen Balzarini and John Lawton are in Helena today, you should hear from them tomorrow regarding the questions you have.

Shane C. Mason said...


On that blog thread at Greater Falls, it looks like she might not have seen your question. You asked at 5:10 and her answer to the others was at 5:27. If she is like me, then it takes a bit of thinking to answer delicate questions.

But, as a showing of solidarity, I wont vote her her come reelection time. Why? To show the power of the blog and because it would be illegal for me to vote in a GF election ;)

GeeGuy said...

Shane, I am not giving up on our Mayor yet.


david said...

I'm not giving up on her either -- it's a huge issue, there is tons of documentation involved, passionate emotions on all sides -- giving someone in her position a few extra days to clarify and explain her position seems to be the very civil thing to do.

a-fire-fly said...

So, It is tomorrow. GGuy-did you hear from Balzarini or Lawton?