Popular Science

The February 2007 edition of Popular Science magazine has an interesting article in it entitled "Turning Black Coal Green." I cannot find it online.

It discusses a new, 275 Megawatt coal plant, a one billion dollar project entitled "FutureGen." They plan to construct the first near zero emissions coal plant by 2012.

So, let me get this straight. For less than twice what we've estimated our plant will cost (and what do you want to bet the final number will be significantly higher than 515,000,000.00? Checked the cost of building materials lately?) they will end up with a more powerful plant with almost no harmful emissions. Cutting edge technology, anyone? So our plant will be outdated in what, 2015? 2020?

But here's the line that caught my attention: "Thanks to international efforts to rein in heat trapping gases, and anticipated federal carbon regulations, FutureGen has attracted heavy hitters from the energy industry."

Anticipated federal carbon regulations? Anticipated by whom? By Electric City Power?

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