And Now:

29 posts by GeeGuy since 12/11/06 with "Coal Plant" label. That first post did not merely raise his questions, it reiterated what others were asking--basically for some explanation of why the City would spend so much money, with no formal agreement, no feasibility study done, and significant concerns about environmental impact and such being left open.

Thanks to all these questions, dogged determination by, among others, GeeGuy and Firefly, we finally know . . .

Um, did I miss something in the last couple dozen posts? I don't seem to know anything new, except that there are even more questions that need answering. Oh, yes. I guess I have learned we cannot trust the City or its bedfellows.

My concern runs deeper than the Coal debacle. Which is stacked on top of the golf course problems, swimming pool problems, and the general indication that the City government cannot handle money. If they are that incompetent, uncaring, or maleficent, I cannot accept as true or reasonable anything that comes from our esteemed leaders. Perhaps that is what we get when we make City government appealing only to those without real jobs.

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Anonymous said...

At best estimate, between 3 and a half to 4 million dollars have been spent of city money already. There is no development agreement, not even a receipt for the millions, nor any feasibility study. There is not even anything written on the back of a cocktail napkin detailing what the city owns today or might own in the future.