Rather than focus on the "outrage" discussed by GeeGuy, I must simply say I am disappointed in John Parker. I glanced at the article on the front page of the Tribune today before tossing the paper inside so that I could focus on another morning of snow removal.

My first thought was that there must be a major battle at the legislature. I know John. He is a good guy, very even keeled, and certainly thick skinned, as a prosecutor must be. Certainly, he would not make "demands" lightly. Especially demands for an apology. I pondered what could possibly be so serious. In a half an hour or so, my mind came up with lots of scenarios. None of them close to the truth.

When I got to read the article, I was left wondering how on earth that "story" qualified as news, let alone front page news. There was one truly noteworthy point. John Parker was acting as a purely political animal. Lashing out over an imagined insult, creating a tempest over nothing. Attacking for the sake of attack on the other party. Something I did not expect from him.

I guess this is the best example I have seen to show why term limits should be imposed even on a part time, citizen legislature. A short time in politics can turn even decent folks into politicians.


Anonymous said...

You don't know John as well as you think, then. He has ALWAYS been a politician. Everything he does is calculated for effect. You may not remember, but last session he had a similar "outrage" and it made the paper and made him look tough, so my own cynical attitude is that he was waiting for another such opportunity.

free thought said...

Whether he was always this way, and I did not know, or he has evolved, I do agree that he is trying for effect. It did not work as intended on me.

I do not recall last session's incident. Maybe I just noticed this incident more because of the photo. Not his best pose.