How does this affect 'feasibility?'

The big story lately on the coal plant has been the developers' Johnny come-lately (or come to Jesus, for the more faithful among us) revelation that now, suddenly, they intend to incorporate technology to capture carbon dioxide emissions.

Now wait a minute. Adding last minute, cutting edge technology to a 500+ million dollar coal plant has to cost some money. And if one is considering whether the financing of the plant is feasible, a significant increase in the cost of the plant has to affect feasibility.

Since we know that the City authorized $78,000.00 for an independent engineering analysis to determine feasibility in December, are we not just a little concerned that this analysis is now going to apparently be changed to consider the impact of a significant change to the technology involved?

Think about it. You're a consultant and you are going to be doing a feasibility study on a half billion dollar project. A month into the study the owner throws a significant change at you: "Hey, we're going to introduce totally new, untested technology into the project. Is that feasible?"

Are you going to:

a) refuse to complete the study?
b) want more money?
c) do what the owner says since that is who is paying you?
d) none of the above?

I guess we'll see.


Anonymous said...

My guess is "c"......

WolfPack said...

Why doesn't the Trib mention what the sequestration technology is? This looks like just a smoke screen to keep the greenies at bay and political cover for the governor to get on board. I doubt there is any serious intention to implement sequestration any time soon. I’m for the plant but hate seeing any kind of trickery used to get something by the public.

Anonymous said...

ECP still 'involuntarily dissolved' according to Secretary of State website, so is that a posting oversight be a staff worker in Helena, or is something 'else' holding up ECP's
official 'reinstatement'?

Anonymous said...

Month ECP meeting 'mysteriously' cancelled 5 Feb 07, with no explanation, but I suspect key members were 'away' lobbying...
ECP STILL involuntarily dissolved, as Sec. of State has determined, and SOS still WAITING (like many others for answers, memorandums of agreement with SME,etc.)on document from Dept. of Revenue AND
another annual report.....ECP has also violated other provisions of
their by-laws, having failed to conduct a board election....citizens don't make this 'stuff' up, it's out their for all to see, hear and read)..so far, no date set yet and I hope the city does a better job to insure citizens not inconvienced again, to the group that showed up 5 Feb 07.