The Morning News Run

I came across an interesting new site called Trailfire. It allows you to create trails on the web.

I think it will be pretty cool for research oriented posts.

This morning, though, I just recorded my meanderings around the web. Click here to follow my trail. Once the little box shows up, just click the little arrow to move through the trail.

What do you think?


free thought said...

I couldn't get it to work. Unless your trail was just Drudge and done.

a-fire-fly said...

Perhaps you didn't understand the instructions. Worked fine for me. :)

david said...

Worked OK for me, too -- you have to click the right-pointing arrow in the upper-right corner to move to the next page that GeeGuy viewed.

And GeeGuy - some good stuff on your trail - you can never go wrong with Krauthammer!