Not Even

There was a Super Bowl ad where a guy was going to play Rock, Paper, Scissors for a Bud Lite. One guy just threw a rock.

Funny piece.

Do you think it was evidence that the war in Iraq "continued to linger just below the surface of many of this year's commercials?"

How about Warholian celebrity K-Fed's piece where he woke up as a fry cook demonstrating our national regret about the Iraq war? "Those who wish the last four years of history had never happened could find solace in several commercials that used the device of ending an awful tale by revealing it was only a dream."

The fact is that the New York Times will do anything to hammer President Bush.


My name is Micheal J Caboose... AND I HATE BABIES!!! said...

HAHA, wow i always thought comercials were a catchy and often funny way to advertise your company. It appears that i was wrong, they are in fact another method of Bush-Bashing.

ajtooley said...

Yeah, I think someone ought to send the editorial board of the New York Times a plaque engraved with Ockham's Razor, since they have clearly never read it before.